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Vista Dual Monitor Woes

This issue with the dual monitor setup in Vista has been bugging me a lot. I have 2 19″ Westinghouse monitors that have DVI and VGA inputs. I have an ATI Radeon 9200 video card that has a DVI and a VGA output. The left monitor (primary) is connected using DVI and the right one is connected to VGA. The dual monitor is working fine except for one problem. When I turn off the left primary monitor (the one using DVI) and turn it back on, I get no signal. I only have two options, either reboot the machine, or login to the machine from another machine using remote desktop. As soon as I login using RDP, the monitor comes to life. I Googled for dual monitor related issues in Vista and followed through various suggestion including installing the latest ATI Catalyst video drivers, disabling turning off monitors in the power management settings and disabling Transient Multi-Monitor Manager (TMM) task, but nothing has helped so far. I have found only one reference to the exact same issue that I am facing, but there is no resolution. The exact same setup works fine on Windows XP.