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Learning .NET debugging using WinDBG

If you wanted to learn advanced debugging of .NET application using WinDBG but didn’t know where to start, look no further. Tess Ferrandez has started posting debugging labs to teach you how to debug tough problems. Her blog has invaluable tips about debugging real world problems. She has posted real world case studies and explained how to approach and solve the problems. In debugging labs, she posts a buggy application with instructions for troubleshooting the problem. A couple of days later, she posts a review of the lab where she walks you through troubleshooting the problem in great detail. So far she has posted 3 debugging labs (one, two, three) and 2 lab reviews (one, two). She will be posting a total of 10 labs. These labs are a great learning tool and best of all, they are all free! Thank you Tess!