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Understanding VS2008 Multi-Targeting

Visual Studio 2008 has a new feature called Multi-Targeting which allows developers to create applications that use different versions of .NET Framework using the same IDE. This feature has caused quite a bit of confusion among developers. Let me explain what the reason is for this confusion. Up until .NET Framework 2.0 the version of […]

.NET Framework Source Released

For those living their lives in Reflector this is very welcome news. Microsoft has released source code of .NET Framework. Shawn Burke has detailed instructions on how to configure VS2008 to use symbols and be able to download source on the fly while debugging. Lot of people have blogged about this. However, some may still […]

Goodbye Verizon, Hello OptimumVoice!

We finally switched our land line phone service from Verizon to OptimumVoice’s VOIP service. Verizon has the worst customer service one could ever imagine. First, they gave everyone a hard time while laying fiber optics for their new FiOS service in our apartment complex. They provided less than a day’s notice that they would need […]

So it begins…

…Again! I decided to blog back in Christmas of 2002. My main intention was to write informative articles at my main site. I started by writing one full article, an incomplete one and a title for another one. Alas, I never progressed beyond that. Its been a long time since then and there are lot […]